September 22, 2021

JCSD Families,

Yesterday we received several updates and changes to the COVID quarantine guidelines.  In order to address these changes, the district will need to make significant changes to the way it deals with both close contact tracing and quarantine.  Moving forward, students will no longer be placed in quarantine for close contact. However, student will continue to be excluded when they have tested positive for COVID, or they are exhibiting COVID type symptoms.  This will be done using the following guidelines:

  • The district will continue to exclude students who are showing symptoms of COVID or have presented with a positive COVID test.

    • Students who present with symptoms will be excluded for 10 days or until they show a negative test result.

    • The current COVID table of symptoms shown below will be used to determine exclusion.

    • Students who are COVID positive will be excluded for 10 days 

  • All positive cases will be reported to the DOH for their evaluation.

Group A
1 or more symptoms

Fever (100°F or higher)
New lack of smell or taste
Shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing

Group B
2 or more symptoms

Sore throat
Runny nose/congestion
Muscle pain
Nausea or Vomiting

Again, this means that only students with symptoms and/or a positive test results will be excluded from school.  Any families that choose to self-quarantine due to COVID concerns should contact their school nurse. They will be able to help with times and attendance concerns.

If your child is currently under quarantine, a school nurse will be contacting you with information and direction on how to move forward. 

Educationally Yours,

JCSD Administration