About Us

Juniata County School District is integrating technology with education in hopes for creating a brighter future. Currently the district is composed of 5 schools – 2 senior high schools, 1 junior high school and 2 elementary schools. There are approximately 2,800 students, 220 faculty, 200 support staff and over 3000 devices.

The schools contain computer labs – each containing 30 student computers. All schools connect via fiber.

Our Higher Information Group Staff

Rich Kitner
Client Services Manager
Phone: 717-582-6531
Email : rkitner@higherinfogroup.com

Ryan Marker
Systems Technician
Phone: 717-436-2111 ext 5025
Email : rmarker@higherinfogroup.com

Matt Berrier
Systems Technician
Phone: 717-436-2111 ext 5029
Email : mberrier@higherinfogroup.com