Limitless Learning (IPAD information)

How do we learn best?

The answers are as many and varied as the students in our classrooms. Each of us has our own best learning style. Since the beginning of formal education, teachers have been challenged to find methods to fit everyone’s best style.

The tools that computer technology now provides the educational industry makes this process feasible in ways we could never before imagine. The result is that we can offer our students a deeper, more meaningful educational experience from the first days of kindergarten through the last days of their senior year.

We call this Limitless Learning!

Limitless Learning is not a new curriculum or a new set of textbooks. It is a method of learning that encourages the student to not only absorb new information and knowledge but to:

Solve complex problems
Connect with others
Engage in rigorous learning
Own the learning.

We look forward to watching students learn in their own ’best’ way ‐ without limits!

2016-17 End of Year Videos