The district's Wellness Committee will meet Thursday, June 3 at 1:30 p.m. at the district office, 146 Weatherby Way, Mifflintown,  and parent and student members are invited to attend.

The Wellness Committee is to be comprised of at least one of each of the following: School Board member, district administrator, district food service representative, student, parent/guardian, school health professional, physical education teacher and member of the public. Other members of the Wellness Committee may include: teacher, school counselor, coach, support staff, dietician, representative of local or county agency; representative of community organization; food vendor; other individuals chosen by the district.

The Wellness Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding student health issues and is responsible for developing, implementing and periodically reviewing and updating a School Wellness Policy.

If interested in attending the meeting, please  contact Polly Digon at 717-436-2111, x5002 or