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Revised Summer, 2008
Revised Summer, 2010
The Juniata County School District has had an ESL program plan which was approved and in effect since the development and implementation of its strategic plan in 2002. The purpose of this document is to provide an updated and revised plan in accordance with changes to English as a Second Language Policies and Procedures since the implementation in 2002.


“Preparation for Program Development (Review)”

Since the program plan was originally developed in 2002, this section will review the steps that were taken and revisions since that time.
  • Board enacted ESL Policy-enacted September 18, 2003
  • Principal and secretary training on ELL admission-process is on-going; most secretaries have been in the district since the 2002 time period, however with the initiation of PIMS, training was conducted in Spring, 2008 for appropriate record collection
  • Home Language Survey development-has been in use prior to and since 2002
  • Amend/write professional development plan for ELL’s- was included in 2002 strategic plan and in the plan being currently written and due August 31, 2008
  • Acquire assessments and assessment procedures to determine English proficiency of students-have been using WAPT and WIDA in the last two years as required by the state.
  • Complete PDE 3044 program enrollment information-completed as per required timelines each year.


“Identification of Students”

The Home Language Survey is administered to all entering students in the Juniata County School Districts. Students who are identified as not having English as a primary language are referred to the ESL teacher for administration of the WAPT. If the WAPT shows that the student is eligible services are initiated based upon the appropriate level of English needed.


“Assessment & Placement”

Students identified through the Home Language Survey and subsequent WAPT are placed in the appropriate ESL level of service. Students may also be administered the DIBELS, 4-sight, Terra Nova Achievement Test, and PSSA’s based upon their grade in school.


“Program Implementation”

The ESL instruction is an academic discipline that is designed to teach English language learners social and academic language skills as well as the cultural aspects of the English language necessary to be successful in an academic environment and contribute to society. It involves teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing at appropriate developmental and proficiency levels with little or no use of the native language.The goal of the ESL program in the Juniata County School District is for each student whose dominant language is not English to achieve English language proficiency. The objectives for each student are achievement of overall English language proficiency.The program for students whose dominant language is not English in the Juniata County School District is English as a Second Language. The planned instruction encompasses Language Arts, where teachers instruct students in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the English language. The students will spend time in ESL classes each day. The amount of time will be determined by their degree of need
  • Beginner-2 hours per day – Level 0-1.9
  • Intermediate– 1.5 hours per day-Level 2-3.5
  • Advanced – 1 hour per day-Level 3-6-5.0 (WAPT-Level 13-15)
The ESL teachers have been working with curriculum developed in 2002 which was aligned with the Pennsylvania ESL standards. The program model was pull-out ESL. As part of a current district initiative, the district is working on an articulated curriculum. ESL teachers are participating in this initiative through provision of classroom strategies and also aligning their standards. The first part of this new curriculum is scheduled to be completed and implemented in Fall, 2010 with the second semester curriculum due January 21, 2011and will be implemented Spring, 2011.
All ESL students are included in regular education subjects and have opportunities to participate in all district programs and state and local testing of which they qualify.
Counseling services will be available through the Guidance Counselors for all ESL students attending the Juniata County School District. Special Education services will be available when a disability that is not related to ESL is identified following federal and state IDEIA. In addition, a gifted program will be available to students who qualify through guidelines and procedures of Chapter 16. Any service deemed appropriate to insure a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) will be provided to all ESL students.
As part of the strategic plan, there is opportunity for staff to have training in ESL. All non-professional staff receives training during the summer.


“Program Evaluation”

Student achievement and assessment data is collected and reviewed. As part of the review, ESL teachers determine areas of instructional focus.