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At Juniata County Virtual Academy, we pride ourselves in engaging our students in a highly motivational, student-centered educational program. The program is built on basic education principles that utilize the latest information and communications technology to promote student achievement and foster higher-order-thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with teaching professionals, guidance counselors, and other students to ensure they have the opportunity to master essential content skills. The goal of JCVA is to provide students with an opportunity to build a strong foundation to prepare them for their futures.
The Juniata County Virtual Academy (JCVA) is an educational learning environment designed to meet the needs of students who desire to pursue their education in a non-traditional format. The Juniata County Virtual Academy recognizes the value of online learning, yet continues to believe interaction with professional educators truly extends learning to a higher level. JCVA offers a nontraditional learning program that includes a variety of interactions with professional educators and opportunities to interact with peers of the students’ own age.
The academic program is standards-based. The standards aligned curriculum requires the students’ demonstration of mastering specific skills that emphasizes proficiency in all curricular activities whether acquired through online or local learning. Students participating in JCVA demonstrate their proficiency through products, portfolios, and exhibitions that require the student to apply what has been learned, as well as mastering assigned content assignments. Academically, students participating in JCVA range from those who have a sound skill base in all areas to those who have been identified as having learning disabilities.
If you have any questions or you are interested in looking at the program please contact the following individuals:
ALL ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOLSAndy Kinzer  or 717-436-2193

Mission Statement

Juniata County Virtual Academy is dedicated to providing an individualized quality education to those students that benefit from a non-traditional learning environment.