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Superintendent JCSD Entry Plan PowerPoint

Juniata County Entry Plan




District Goals performed through the Superintendent (2016-2017)

 1.) Maintain a financially secure and fiscally responsible District business operation

  • Continue to operate under the current budget timeline.
  • Continue to seek additional funding through grant opportunities.
  • Work closely with the Business Manager to maintain strong communication and fiscal responsibility.

2.) Promote individual growth of all students K-12

  • Monitor and review all curriculum related resources and practices.
  • Maintain High School graduation rate mandated through PDE.
  • Monitor the District Comprehensive Plan.
  • Increase District-Wide technology experiential use for students.
  • Monitor and Work to Increase the District SPP score.
  • Continue to provide and monitor transitional experiences for students entering into kindergarten and secondary schools.
  • Work closely with Director of Special Education to ensure growth in the areas of special education and English as a Second Language.

3.) Provide Strategic Plan for District

  • Provide both a short term (3 year) and a long term (10 year) strategic plan for Juniata County School District.
    • Outline technology, curriculum, textbook ordering rotation schedule, scope and sequence of curriculum, vertical alignment of curriculum, budgetary needs, population increase/decrease, building condition forecasting, safety and security, best practices, etc.

4.) Implement and Maintain Accountability across District

  • Work with staff and administration on outlining a consistent practices between elementary and high schools.
  • Communication at all levels is an absolute requirement.
  • Documentation of communication.



Mr. Keith Yarger
JCSD Superintendent