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About Us

Juniata County School District is integrating technology with education in hopes for creating a brighter future. Currently the district is composed of 11 schools – 2 senior high schools, 1 junior high school and 8 elementary schools. There are approximately 2,914 students, 220 faculty, 200 support staff and over 1200 computers.
The secondary schools contain 3 fixed computer labs – each containing 30 student computers and 1-5 computers in each classroom. The elementary schools contain up to 5 or 6 computers in each classroom. All schools connect via fiber to the central office building. All elementary schools in the district have 2 wireless mobile labs with 15 laptops each, and the secondary schools have 2 wireless mobile labs with 30 laptops each.
In early April of 2012, our technology department was outsourced to a company out of Harrisburg called Higher Information Group. We have two technicians from Higher Information Group stationed in the School District.


Our Higher Information Group Staff

Ryan Marker
Systems Technician
Phone: 717-436-2111 ext 5025
Email :

Matt Berrier
Systems Technician
Phone: 717-436-2111 ext 5029
Email :